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How do I know what version I’m running?

If you are at least 127 commits after release 20150518 (commit message build/roms/helper: add version information to CBFS) (or you have any upstream stable release of libreboot after 20150518), then you can press C at the GRUB console, and use this command to find out what version of libreboot you have:

cat (cbfsdisk)/lbversion

Alternatively, you may run this command in GRUB:


If you’re using SeaBIOS, information is provided there aswell.

This will also work on non-release images (the version string is automatically generated, using git describe --tags HEAD), built from the git repository. A file named version will also be included in the archives that you downloaded (if you are using release archives).

If it exists, you can also extract this lbversion file by using the cbfstool utility which libreboot includes, from a ROM image that you either dumped or haven’t flashed yet. In your distribution, run cbfstool on your ROM image (libreboot.rom, in this example):

./cbfstool libreboot.rom extract -n lbversion -f lbversion

You will now have a file, named lbversion, which you can read in whatever program it is that you use for reading/writing text files.

For git, it’s easy. Just check the git log.

For releases on or below 20150518, or snapshots generated from the git repository below 127 commits after 20150518, you can find a file named commitid inside the archives. If you are using pre-built ROM images from the libreboot project, you can press C in GRUB for access to the terminal, and then run this command:


You may find a date in here, detailing when that ROM image was built. For pre-built images distributed by the libreboot project, this is a rough approximation of what version you have, because the version numbers are dated, and the release archives are typically built on the same day as the release; you can correlate that with the release information in release announcements on the news page.

For 20160818, note that the lbversion file was missing from CBFS on GRUB images. You can still find out what libreboot version you have by comparing checksums of image dumps (with the descriptor blanked out with 00s, and the same done to the ROMs from the release archive, if you are on a GM45 laptop).

There may also be a ChangeLog file included in your release archive, so that you can look in there to figure out what version you have.

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